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Kuwait Conference and Exhibition on National Health Economics
Sunday, May 10, 2015

The health insurance law for pensioners will be issued in September, Minister of Health Dr. Ali Al-Obaidi stressed, noting that the law will serve Kuwaitis and work on activating the private sector. The Kuwait Conference and Exhibition on National Health Economics coincides with the ministry’s preparations for the start of implementing the law for pensioners for the first time, he added. “The aim of the law is to develop high-quality services for this neglected category (pensioners) in the country in collaboration with national institutions tasked with executing this ambitious project,” he noted. He said that the ministry has listed health economics among its programs and policies and has been keen for 30 years to issue annual reports on analyzing costs and preparing indicators to be available for decision makers in implementation of the resolutions of World Health organization (WHO). The conference expresses a conscious vision of the organizing body, reflects the importance of objective scientific dialogue and is an opportunity to share views and expertise among specialists on different economic aspects of health economics and means of addressing challenges, he noted. Managing resources among these challenges are funding healthcare centers and managing wisely different sources of funding, he added, noting that competent bodies seek to achieve better revenue of resources. The minister stated that the meeting also coincides with putting finishing touches of the new global aims of post-2015 sustainable and comprehensive development, including providing sources of funding, formulating strategies and preparing programs and plans. He underlined the importance of the event at the Gulf level as it coincides also with the issuance of resolution of GCC health ministers to endorse the document of Riyadh Declaration for Health Systems Measurement, under the theme of Measuring Health Systems. The minister also referred to a program of combating risks of non-communicable diseases, topped with smoking, unhealthy nutrition and physical inactivity through setting and executing several policies and measures to curb risks of these diseases.

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